Terra Goggles

Feeling home into the wild. Terra Goggles are super light, small, and flexible for offroading motorcycle rides or ski and snowboarding too.  


  • Three layers back compound made with:
    1 layer of memory foam (worldwide first on goggles)
    1 layer of hard foam
  • Zeiss crepuscular lens increases contrast for a better vision in low-light
  • Two pairs of lenses included: clear UV lenses and Zeiss special crepuscular lenses
  • Possibility to mount prescription lenses (or sun screening lenses) on a quick-access removable plastic frame that sits inside the goggle
  • Air-flow frame, covered in fabric, allows the best antifog experience in any terrain and temperature
  • 4 cm elastic band embroiled in 4 wires wraps your head like nothing before
  • 100% Designed, manufactured and packaged in Italy

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