If you are here is because you are interested in discovering a new kind of goggles.

Our goal at Herd Of Wolves is to create the best products for the people.
No compromises.

Safety first.
We use goggles everyday, from riding our motorcycles to skiing, to cycling, everyday we feel that protection for our eyes is never enough.
Also comfort is underestimated. We needed to do more.

So we sat down. For over one year we worked hard.

We are proud to present you - for the first time ever - our Terra goggle featuring a three-layer compound MemoryFoam that shapes itself around your face for the best comfort and least air leak at high speeds.

But then we went further than that...

Let me introduce you to Opal: we created a double thermo-formed compound made with SIX layers of foam: 2 hard foam, 2 MemoryFoam layers and a world's first 2 ShockProof layers, usually found in protecting gear such as motorcycle jackets.
Those two ShockProof layers will absorb almost any irregularity of the terrain you are riding on and will protect your eyes in case of an impact.


In this Buzz area, you will find anyone that supports us, everyone who believes that safety would always go first.

Read&Ride with us too.

Michele Coggiola
CEO & Co-Founder of Herd Of Wolves